International Journal of Economics and Financial Research

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Recent Articles

  • Implications of Water Tariff Structures on Water Demand in Santa Cruz Island (Galapagos Archipelago)
    Authors: Maria F. Reyes
    Pages: 132-142
  • Crisis Management Strategy in Handling Financial Sector Scandals in the Digital Transformation Era
    Authors: Wenjing Wang ; Arthur S. Guarino
    Pages: 115-131
  • A Method for Deriving High-Priority Financial Data Items that Must be Improved to Increase Market Capitalization
    Authors: Yoshioka Tsuyoshi
    Pages: 109-114
  • Estimating the Market Power of Traders in the Arabica Coffee Value Chain in Lam Dong, Vietnam
    Authors: Nguyen Thi Tuoi ; Nguyen Phu Son ; Pham Le Thong
    Pages: 102-108
  • Does Brexit Have a Bullish or Bearish Effect on the Taiwan Stock Market?
    Authors: Jing Long Yu ; Tse Mao Lin ; Xin Hui Wu
    Pages: 90-101
  • The Relation Between Trading Volume Concentration and Stock Returns
    Authors: Chen-Chang Lo ; Yaling Lin ; Jiann-Lin Kuo ; Yi Ting Wen
    Pages: 82-89
  • Evaluating the Persistence of j Curve Phenomenon in the Bilateral Trade between Bangladesh and USA: The ARDL Bounds Testing Approach and Granger Causality Analysis
    Authors: Subroto Dey ; Homamul Islam
    Pages: 74-81
  • The Impact of ICT on Technical Efficiency of Vietnam’s Enterprises
    Authors: Nguyen Anh Phong ; Bui Thi Quynh Dao ; Le Thi Thuy Hue ; Nguyen Ngoc Van Khanh ; Nguyen Lam Thanh Ngan ; Vu Thuy Hong Phuoc
    Pages: 65-73
  • The Impact of the Global Economic Meltdown on the Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria (2005 – 2009)
    Authors: Akinbayo Olasoji
    Pages: 57-64
  • Ethics de' Competitiveness in Finance: An Emancipative Structured Assessment and Evaluation of Indian Finance Industry
    Authors: Rohit Kanda ; Harish Handa ; Pushpkant Shakdwipee
    Pages: 43-56