Recent Articles

  • Measuring Equity and Asset Beta– Evidence in Viet Nam Three Insurance and Financial Service Industries After Crisis 2007-2009 and Low Inflation Period 2015-2017
    Authors: Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
    Pages: 196-208
  • Consumer Behaviour in Subsistence Marketplaces in Cameroon, An Exploratory Study of the Village of Batoke in Limbe Sub-Division, South West Region
    Authors: Louis Mosake Njomo
    Pages: 184-195
  • The Influence of Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Value: Evidence from Indonesia
    Authors: Farida Farida ; Adhika Ramadhan ; Ratih Wijayanti
    Pages: 177-183
  • Internal Determinants of Islamic Bank Profitability: Evidence from Bangladesh
    Authors: S. M. Rifat Hassan ; Riyashad Ahmed
    Pages: 171-176
  • International Management and Sustainable Profitability: First Bank of Nigeria Perspective
    Authors: John Nkeobuna Nnah Ugoani
    Pages: 159-170
  • An Assessment of the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Employment: The Case of Ghana’s Economy
    Authors: Addo Eric Osei
    Pages: 143-158
  • Monetary Policy: Is the Dual Mandate of the Fed Maximizing the Social Welfare?
    Authors: Dr. Ioannis N. Kallianiotis ; J. Kania
    Pages: 112-142
  • Health Outcomes and Agricultural Output in Nigeria
    Authors: Anowor Oluchukwu F. ; Nwonye Nnenna Georgina ; Okorie George Chisom ; Ojiogu Michael C.
    Pages: 106-111
  • The Determinants of Inflation in West Africa
    Authors: Diabaté Nahoussé
    Pages: 100-105
  • The Effects of Monetary Policy on Agricultural Output in Eswatini
    Authors: Mary S. Mashinini ; Sotja G. Dlamini ; Daniel V. Dlamini
    Pages: 94-99