Recent Articles

  • An Assessment of the Effect of World Oil Price Shocks on Uganda’s Official Development Assistance
    Authors: Geoffrey Ogwang ; Tomson Odongo ; Dick N. Kamuganga
    Pages: 96-110
  • The Effects of Public Debt on Economic Growth in Bangladesh: An Evidence from the ARDL Bound Testing Approach
    Authors: Kazi Mezbah Uddin Ahamad ; Md. Mominul Islam
    Pages: 87-95
  • Liquidity Analysis of UAE Banks
    Authors: Mukdad Ibrahim
    Pages: 82-86
  • Risk Velocity and Financial Markets Performance: Measuring the Early Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Major Stock Markets Performance
    Authors: Musaed S. AlAli
    Pages: 76-81
  • Can Monetary Policy Prevent Financial Crises?
    Authors: Dr. Ioannis N. Kallianiotis
    Pages: 51-75
  • Macroeconometric Assessment of Monetary Approach to Balance of Payments in a Small Open Economy: The Nigeria Experience
    Authors: Atoi Ngozi Victor
    Pages: 41-50
  • Overconfidence: The Influence of Positive and Negative Affect
    Authors: Ibrahim Filiz
    Pages: 29-40
  • Assessing the Stability of Money Demand Function in Saudi Arabia
    Authors: Moayad H. Al Rasasi
    Pages: 22-28
  • Factors Affecting Coffee Market Supply of Smallholder Farm Household: The Case of Gewata District Kaffa Zone, Southwest Ethiopia
    Authors: Engida Gebre
    Pages: 14-21
  • Analysis Method of Enterprise Network Relationship Based on Graph Theory
    Authors: Lei Chen ; Luyang Zhang
    Pages: 5-13