Recent Articles

  • Career Readiness Among Vocational Graduates: Implication of Competency Based Learning
    Authors: Fazillah Musa ; Abdullah Mat Rashid
    Pages: 633-638
  • Attitude of the Students, Teachers and Educational Administrators for Incorporating Human Rights Education in Secondary School Curriculum
    Authors: Tapan Kumar Basantia ; Irfanul Haque
    Pages: 623-632
  • The Role of Influential Dynasties and Local Families in Urban Development and Political Centrality of Shushtar in Khuzestan Province During Safavid Era
    Authors: Masoud Vali Arab ; Hamid Asad Pour ; Hamid Peighambary ; Ali Rasouli
    Pages: 615-622
  • Analyzing Factors of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Adoption Using Total Cost of Ownership
    Authors: Joosung Lee ; Yeongmin Kwon
    Pages: 606-614
  • Administrators’ Awareness, Procurement and Management of Virtual Laboratories for Teaching Science Subjects in Secondary Schools: A Case Study
    Authors: Godfrey E. Ukpabio ; Ekpenyong E. Ekanem ; Usen F. Mbon ; Festus O. Arop ; James E. Okon ; Esther S. Uko
    Pages: 598-605
  • The Effect of Learning Models and Academic Ability on Students’ Scientific Literacy in Disaster Preparedness
    Authors: Endang Widi Winarni ; Endina Putri Purwandari ; Rizqa Dwi Shofiya M. I.
    Pages: 592-597
  • Expected Disclosure of Grants and Government Assistance in Accordance with IAS (20) in Light of COVID 19-Pandemic
    Authors: Dr. Omar Mohammad Al-Hawatmeh
    Pages: 586-591
  • Competitive Aggressiveness and Market Share of Selected Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Lagos State Nigeria
    Authors: Dr. Kabuoh Margret N. ; Iwuchukwu Roseline C. ; Dr. Onyia Valerie A. ; Dr. Akintaro Abel A.
    Pages: 576-585
  • Framing Analysis on Peaceful Movement News on Government and Private-Owned Online Portal in Indonesia
    Authors: Inge Hutagalung ; Amir Musa
    Pages: 567-575
  • The Possibility of Using Balance Scorecard (BSC) in Evaluating the Performance of Internal Control in Jordanian Commercial Banks (JCB)
    Authors: Dr. Omar Mohammad Al-Hawatmeh
    Pages: 560-566